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Incredible projector and screen

My husband and I bought this water-resistant projector and screen as we do a lot of backyard entertaining and go RV camping a few times a year up in the Pacific Northwest where it’s usually damp and raining.With our fancy100 inch screen, we expected to take a while to assemble. To our surprise, it was very straightforward to put together and we didn’t even need the instructions. After that we sat down and thoroughly read the user manual while we had the unit and remote control in front of us. The projector is very well designed but takes a little patience and playing with to fully understand how the short-throw works and all its capabilities.We used it through an Amazon fire stick to stream movies and it had amazing HD picture quality and virtually no streaming delay. Also, the built-in speaker sounds pretty amazing. As a matter of fact, when we just got it to work, we couldn’t believe it sounded like from our stereo system.We both highly recommend this projector and screen and look forward to many years of use.         - Amazon Customer

4K video compatible through HDMI EDID ex. Apple4K TV, HDTV Compatibility - 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p‎ ; Video Compatibility - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV‎ 

Take the action to the big screen by projecting a 100" image from just over a foot away. DLP® (Digital Light Processing) is the leading technology. You will experience a projector that lasts long, with a slim design, and sharp /crisp images 

IPX2 Water Resistant certified to protect from changes in weather for Outdoor/Indoor Use. Includes a carrying bag for storage and transportation and a tripod stand for easy set up.

Integrated 37200mAh / 165Whr Lithium Power Bank provides 3 hours video, 30 hours music, and can charge up to an 87w MacBook pro. Two USB Type A and Two Type C for both video connection and charge phone or laptop (Sport Ver. Only)

EliteProjector® LLC manufactures portable and outdoor projectors for Outdoor & Indoor applications.
EliteProjector LLC was established in early 2020 in North America as part of the Elite Screens Visual and Sound (ESVS) Inc, a Projector R&D Manufacturer in Taiwan.
EliteProjector is the creator of MosicGO®, a portable projector that with its own integrated sound system and power bank for other devices. With its durability for indoor/outdoor projection, MosicGO® works with a portable screen as a standalone solution for movies, music and power “to go”. From office meetings to barbecues and camping trips, think MosicGO®, “Movies, Music, Power, Go!”.